My name is Helena Bowman, I am a qualified British Cycling Breeze Ride Leader.

I started cycling in 2012 after being told by my consultant that I could no longer run.  I tried to join a few local cycling clubs but was not successful as they wanted me to go away and build myself up to a point where I could cycle for 20-30 miles at an average pace of 13mph on my own, I could then come back and cycle with the club(s) once I had achieved this. I took their advice but thought at the same time; 'If I am unable to join a cycling club as a beginner to help me get out there and improve, how many other ladies have the same problem as me?'.


So In 2013 I decided to start my own cycling club for ladies only, to help encourage other lady cyclists to get out on the road, build their confidence and improve on their cycling. 




Warwichshire Ladies Cycling Club - Aim is to enjoy organised rides in and around the Warwickshire area for the purpose of pleasure, enjoyment and fitness!  


Are you starting out, returning to cycling, or have you been cycling for some time?  We have rides for all ages and abilities.



WLCC are happy to welcome all ladies 18 and over regardless of experience.  There is plenty of encouragement every step of the way.


It is important for new riders joining us on their first ride to inform us of their cycling experience.  Other riders will be informed of any newcomers and they will do their utmost to encourage and assist as they are reminded of their initial ride with the club.  Newcomers are entitled to three free rides before making a decision to join the club.


Advanced Cyclists

In order to progress into the advanced group riders are expected to be able to maintain an average speed of at least 15mph.