General Information


  • It is important to remember that you are representing Warwickshire Ladies Cycling Club and riding as a group and not an individual.


  • During a ride there will be two ride leaders, one at the front to set the pace and another at the back to ensure the last rider is not left behind.


  • It is important to learn how to communicate with other riders to establish your position or your intentions i.e. vocal instructions such as ‘coming through on the righl', 'horse', ‘car up / back',  and ‘single out'  and should be understood before setting off.  Hand signals perform a similar job and are just as important. All necessary information on learning how to cycle as a group and other helpful information can be found at:


  • All riders in the group have a responsibility for the safety of both themselves and other members of the group. Knowledge of the do's and don'ts of group riding ensure the safety of the group while maximising the benefits and enjoyment of riding with friends.


  • Should  anyone feel unable to continue with the ride, it is important to let the leader know.  The ride can always be altered or cut short if needs be.


  • All members are expected to treat other members/riders with respect. No bullying or abuse will be tolerated by Warwickshire Ladies CC, anybody found to be doing so will be asked to leave the club immediately.


  • Club Kit:  The club kit is available to club members only.  Club kit should be worn with respect and members should continue to obide by the highway code outside club rides. Orders are placed with the supplier throughout the year, prices are available on request.


Club members are taking part in the following sportives during 2015:

  • 'Stage 365 Tribute to Billie Fleming'- 31st December 


Club members' are taking part in the following sportives during 2016:

  • Rawlinson Bracket 100 miles - 28th February 

  • Cape Argues Cylce Challenge South Africa - 6th March 

  • Women V Cancer Ride the Night - 28th May

  • Club Challenge Leicester to Skegness & back in two days - 11th June

  • Warwickshire 100 - 24th July