Ride Etiquette



Due to Covid-19 there will be a number of changes to our normal riding procedures to keep in line with British Cycling and the Government rules/guidelines.

1. Full details will be posted on the club Facebook page on a weekly basis.

2. Track and trace.

3. 'Members only' will have priority to attend rides. Any free spaces will be offered to non members.

4. Anyone experiencing symptoms or that have been in contact with someone with the virus should report it to myself and cancel your space immediately.

5. All leaders and riders to carry a facemask on their ride.

WLCC - Ride Etiquette

As we share the road with other users it is important to be aware of the highway code as a cyclist and adhere to it at all times. Please see link on 'General Information' page. Abuse/swearing at drivers/other road users will not be tolerated, a wave and a smile is how we react to aggressive, impatient or abusive drivers.

A ride leader is present not only to direct the ride but also to keep the pace of the group. Should the leader slow down or drop back this should never be seen as an invitation to get to the front and ‘up’ the pace as the reason for doing so is generally to aid struggling riders. Should you find yourself at the front of the group for any reason it becomes your responsibility to keep check on the pace. If you find this difficult then you should drop back into the bunch as excuses for not being able to keep the pace are not acceptable.

The ride leader will always suggest that a competent rider or assistant stays at the back of the group as well as in the centre of the group if it is a large group, to ensure that no one is left behind. Should anyone be struggling with the pace or have mechanical problems they will be responsible for getting a message to the ride leader.

All club rides are posted with the average 'mph' however, at times we do go over the stated 'mph' average, should a rider find that the pace is too fast it is suggested that they slow down in order for the group to become aware, should you continue to try and keep up it gives the impression that you are capable of maintaining the pace.

Ladies are reminded that our novice and intermediate club rides are not and will never be racing rides, those who feel that they cannot benefit from our rides or give the impression that they are being held up by the pace of the group, will be pointed in the direction of the advanced group or to another cycling club that provides faster, competitive rides.

WLCC is affiliated to CTT which gives each member the opportunity to take part in time trials. Your opportunity to race against yourself in an organised environment.

Hills - the group will ascend and descend together as a team. Stronger riders are expected to encourage others on the climbs.

The highway code will be adhered to at all times, there will be zero tolerance for any riders that do not follow the code when participating in club rides.

All riders have their off days, should anyone really feel unable to continue a ride it is important to let the ride leader know in the first instance. Unless the ride is part of a challenge, routes can generally be changed and cut short to get you home as soon as possible. In the worst incidences a faster rider can be sent ahead to bring a car to your assistance.

During long distance rides or where the wind is strong (a head wind) stronger riders will be expected to give cover to others.

A working rear light should be fitted to your bike and switched on before every ride. Full covering 'Rear' mudguards should be fitted to all bikes during winter months, riders riding behind someone with no mudguards or half covering mudguards get splashed in the face with mud, which could be dangerous. This is for the safety of all participants. A spare inner tube, multi-tool and pump should be carried on all rides. Members/riders should be familiar with pointing out hazards to fellow riders for example 'pot holes' 'parked vehicles' 'runners' 'walkers' 'car front (down) or car back (up)'.

There should be no overlapping of wheels at any time on a ride! When passing another rider please do so on the right, never undertake. Cutting corners will not be tolerated as well as cycling on the wrong side of the road (over the white line). It is also important to concentrate at all times whilst out riding with the group, especially whilst chatting.

Earphones/Ear-pods/Mobile phones - whilst cycling in club kit or on a club ride, earphones/ear-pods are NOT PERMITTED, this would include answering your phone during a club ride. It is neither safe for the rider nor the group.

Out as a TEAM, return as a TEAM